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Strategy and planning

This year it seems that Omnichannel is the new term for managing multichannel marketing to emphasise the growing importance of social media marketing. If it’s new to you or you’re looking for examples, read more in our Introduction to Omnichannel marketing and these examples of Omnichannel retail.

One of Smart Insight’s most popular posts on planning this month is the Digital media introduction infographic courtesy of Hallam Internet Marketing.

We think this is a great visual way of introducing the digital media channels to non-digital specialists. I’m not sure whether SEO should be at the centre though?

Digital media introduction

Social media marketing

The main developments on the social media platforms this month were these developments on Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Facebook Lookalike Targeting launches – advertisers can now upload customer emails or phone numbers and then Facebook will automagically find audiences sharing similar profile characteristics. Marie Page will be writing more about her experiences of using Lookalike targeting in April in a tutorial – watch out for that if you’re considering this option.
  • New Pinterest Analytics – a free tool within Pinterest for reviewing the popularity and reach of your Boards and Pins.
  • We have a new podcast published in the past few weeks; Social Media Disasters and How to Avoid Them as well as a 2 minute interactive learning tool, Why Use Google +
  • For advice on social media and content marketing I recommend this post on a common marketing challenge for all companies: How do you persuade others in your organisation to create content for you? Thanks to all the marketers who contributed ideas for this.
  • If content creation strokes fear into the hearts of your team then take a listen to our poadcast 15 Ways To Cure Blogger’s Block which gives some hints and tips for creating quick content that doesn’t have to take hours to write.

Search marketing

The main SEO change to watch for in March was the latest in a long line of Google Panda updates – #25 penalising low quality content. It is thought that this will be the last of the major notified Panda updates. Meanwhile in the SEO Zoo, this analysis suggests that Google’s Penguin update penalising low-quality links is getting stricter.

Of course social signals are becoming more important within SEO and it’s worth planning for how you can increase the ranking of your site on this basis. We had a popular guest post on the importance of engagement in Social SEO this month.

Another more strategic post on SEO that provoked a lot of comments this month was Gavin Llewellyn’s post on Forecasting the benefits of SEO for investment.

At a less advanced level, providing advice on SEO for non-specialists, you may be interested in Google’s latest guides and videos on how Search works and SEO – we’ve added them to end of the SmartInsights SEO hub page.

If you work in SEO then you’ve probably come across the Brighton SEO event run yearly by SiteVisibility. Daniel caught up with Kelvin, the man behind this hugely popular event to talk about how he approached organising what is now recognised as a world class SEO conference.

Image credit: Panda and Penguin

User experience, analytics and conversion optimisation

What is an average conversion rate? is a FAQ whether it’s for Ecommerce sites or other types of site. I updated our compilation of conversion rates

Average conversion rates

I’ve also included a compilation of rates for non-ecommerce sectors.

In March James Gurd updated our guide for landing page optimisation and to support this I recommended this formula for landing page optimisation to help guide CRO planning. How well do you think this works?

Landing page formula

Email marketing and CRM

If you work in Email marketing check out this infographic on Email design best practices – it’s a neat summary.

We also covered What Email marketers need to learn from retailers in this post from Ed Hallen suggesting 3 phases of Behaviour email marketing.

I hope you found this compilation of latest alerts and advice is useful. Please get in touch if you’re interested in sharing your experiences, views or examples on best practice through a guest post. Alternatively, ideas on what you’d like us to cover or questions on Best Practice – see our Marketing Answers forum.

Massive thank you to Dave Chaffey of Marketing planning advice site his contributions towards this latest update.

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