Digital Marketing News – Latest Update 10


Our roundup of research insights and best practice advice from the month

SEO is dead (again) according to almost anyone you ask, except perhaps SEO ‘experts’. The recent name change of SEO Moz to just Moz has perhaps been the biggest indicator that SEO on its own is no longer a viable approach to improving customer experience. With one of the biggest digital software consultancies in the world appearing to be wanting to move away from their association with traditional SEO, it’s a clear message that it needs to be part of an integrated approach for digital activities.  When they announced the change on their blog, Moz stated that ‘SEO is bigger than SEO’ and marketers and organisations need to take a more holistic approach to organic search.

Strategy and planning

Social media marketing

  • If you’re thinking about how to get your Facebook content out to a wider audience, Mashable has produced a summary of how the get the best out of Facebook’s promoted posts tool. 
  • Twitter recently started experimenting with ads and promoted tweets. They will soon be taking this a step further starting in the United States by improving the types of ads that users will see.  
  • Google + will soon start including posts that have been +1’d by people in your circles within your news feed, as well as promoting your own posts to friends if they’ve received a good response. 
  • The rise of tools such as Keek and Snapchat has got us all thinking about micro videos and how we can use them in our marketing activities. This post from My Customer talks about the new micro blog feature from Instagram and gives some examples of how it could be useful. 

Search marketing

User experience, analytics and conversion optimisation

Google Analytics have improved the process for linking adwords and google analytics to make it even easier to monitor your search traffic.

Alongside SEO and content marketing is User Experience which Smart Insights has helpfully pulled under the banner of Customer Experience Management. The post includes a useful diagram to show how all of your customer focussed activities are linked.


Email marketing and CRM

Salesforce has a useful post on using Facebook and Twitter alongside other marketing tools to maximise on localised content. 


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