Digital Marketing News – Is Your Company Losing Out On Mobile Customers?


Given how long smartphones and mobile internet have been around, it’s surprising to hear that 70% of companies don’t have a dedicated mobile site.

It’s no longer sufficient just to optimize your site for mobile, a dedicated mobile version that is built to work on small screens is the only way to maximize on mobile traffic.

While it may seem like a fair amount of work and expense, it’s worth considering if your analytics are showing a reasonable amount of mobile traffic. Around 20% is a good indication. And with 50% of all mobile searches ending in purchase, you could be missing out some valuable customers by not having a site which is easy to use.

The graphic below shows just how many people are using their mobile to search for and review products and then go on to finalise their purchases using a mobile device.

Mobile search graphic

Sources: Lightspeed Research, 2010;

Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011



Google are doing a fair amount of work to make it even easier for brands to connect with their customers. The introduction of enhanced features for mobile advertising have made it even easier for brands to target their ads at mobile customers, and make full use of the extra tools available such as location based services.

And Google’s latest tool, GOMO, is dedicated to giving website owners some practical support and advice on how to go about establishing a proper mobile presence.  Owners can review the way their current site displays, highlight any potential issues for users and then provides a tailoured summary as well as bringing together developers and owners.

Of course Google isn’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, better mobile experience means more customers. But what Google is actually driving is a better experience for mobile users.

A recent survey from dotcommerce (requires personal details to access report) surveyed 12 of the top retailers and judged their sites based on a series of criteria. Needless to say those sites that came out on top had dedicated mobile sites. However, even these still have a along way to go. While ease of use and search scored highly, mobile checkout is still proving problematic.

Here’s an overview of the 12 sites reviewed and it may be surprising to see who came out on top.

Summary of twelve websites


The report goes into a fair amount of detail and if you’re thinking of building a mobile site it gives you some great ideas, and pitfalls to avoid so it’s well worth a read.


Mobile is growing fast and it seems that us mobile users want fast websites that deliver simple and easy transactions. We really are a demanding bunch.


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