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Google asks for ‘standout’ content.

Google News Top Stories

Google News Top Stories

Google News is asking for publishers to add a new tag to help point to content which is valuable to the reader.

The new tag allows Google News to quickly identify the content which has been pushed forward as the most valuable on the site by adding a piece of code to the HTML between the <head> tags on the page.

This is the latest in a series of developments which improves Google’s ability to pull out the best content available from any search. And it doesn’t just apply to publisher’s own content, in fact the tool is set up to recognise content which is tagged from another site.

If you want to promote your own content, Google has asked that this is done no more than seven times in any one week. Any more than this and the tag is likely to be ignored or at the very least downgraded permanently.

However there is no limit for citing content from other sites, this is actively encouraged. But Google has always picked up on meaningful links to good content, and this is yet another tool to drive search results from good quality content.

The new tag is currently aimed at news organisations, journalists and bloggers in the U.S. who focus on time critical news stories. But it’s a nice development from Google and if you want to give it a go the text is as follows:

<link rel=”standout”href=“” />

If you want to find out more about how this works or more specifically where you need to put it then Google has published a very helpful guide in their help centre.


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