Digital Marketing News – Google Moves Towards Personal Analytics Service


This week Google has announced a new feature to its product suite which gives individual users an overview of their activity month on month.

Account Activity will be linked to your Google account and will summarise all of your activity including number of emails sent, most popular searches and where in the world you’ve signed in all emailed to you in a handy report.

As well as giving information on each month’s activity, it also provides a comparison to previous months.

Example activity summary


There are concerns about the possibility of exposing sensitive information as the report covers all web data even if you’ve cleared it through your browser history.

However Google insist the report will actually improve security by alerting users if their account has been accessed without their knowledge, e.g. in a country they haven’t visited or on a device they don’t own.

You’ll need to sign up to the service via your account settings but you will receive your first report straight away. One of the main cool things it does is summarise how much time you spend between home, work or out which it picks up from your GPS and location settings. So you can quickly see if you’re becoming a workaholic or aren’t getting out enough!

It can also display things like how often your youtube videos have been watched which could easily expand into other social activity giving an overview of all of your online interactions in one place.

On its blog Google has said it ‘wants Google to work so well, it just blends into your life. But sometimes it’s helpful to step back and take stock of what you’re doing online.’

Google has been coming under fire recently over its online privacy policy which came into effect on 1 March and gives Google the ability to pull together all of the data it owns in its various products. While this has raised some concerns, the Account Activity feature also shows how this can be used to benefit users as well as advertisers. You can read more about Google’s privacy policy and how if affects you in a previous post.

Written by Felice Ayling 


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