Digital Marketing News – Google Improves Mobile Search


Google are bringing in some exciting changes which will enhance mobile advertising for companies and users, making it easier to match up customers with the information they are looking for.

The first update is the introduction of Custom Search Ads for mobile apps which will improve the way users view results when searching within a mobile app. There are lots of apps which allow users to search within specific areas of interest, and now businesses will be able to develop a custom ad specifically for those apps.

This is a nice development for many companies who work hard to ensure their marketing activity is tailored not only to the customer’s needs but also to the device they are using.

The next change is really a two in one improvement in how users search and locate apps. When searching for information on mobile apps via a browser, often you have to then enter the particular app store to find and download it. Google now is offering developers a way to install a ‘download now’ button which will take the user directly to that app in its relevant store to download more easily.

In addition to this, Mobile App Extensions provide a direct link to an app the user already has installed on their device. So by clicking on an ad, it will detect if you have that company’s app installed and take you straight to it. A much smoother experience for the user and more likely to keep the customer browsing your products.

Although not a new service, Google is promoting how it pushes local services in mobile searches. With 40% of mobile searches linked to location, being able to push results nearest to the user to the top of the list means a much greater chance they will actually find your company.

And Hyperlocal search ads have pushed business up for many companies as they not only contain the location, but the distance from the user, driving directions and a click to call option.

All of these updates make for a better user experience and more relevant customer engagement which can mean less money but better conversion. There are plenty of opportunities for mobile developers to make truly engaging ads which cut out the noise and drive quality traffic to their business.

Watch Google’s movie which showcases the most recent developments.


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