Digital Marketing News – Google Drives out Dropbox


It’s bad news for Dropbox this week as Google announces Google Drive, its very own cloud storage service that boasts an impressive array of features which could see many customers making the switch.

Editor: I still love Dropbox and won’t be switching. See my comments at the bottom of the page for some reasons why…

It’s not that Google Drive does anything particularly spectacular that Dropbox doesn’t, it’s that it does it all for a much lower price and with a higher memory allocation on the free version.

For starters Google Drive offers 5GB of memory free, compared to 2GB on Dropbox, and once the paid for version kicks in you have two options – 25GB for $2.49 and then $4.99 for a whopping 100GB! Dropbox kicks in at $9.99 for a measly 50GB so no contest on that front.

But as with all recent Google updates, the service works seamlessly with your Google experience, interacting with G+ and Gmail to make sharing documents effortless.

There’s also a handy feature that can convert scanned documents into text so it can be searched along with other documents. You can even take a picture of a document and convert it to a text file and make changes.

Plus you don’t need to worry about having the right software for each file, you can open up to 30 different document types in your browser without having the programme installed.

There is also a live sharing feature which allows you to collaborate with your contacts in real time, showing updates as they happen which could see an end to endless versions and tracking changes which circulating documents back and forth.

And at the risk of sounding like a sycophant, the added feature of saving previous versions just in case you find you’ve changed something you shouldn’t is something I’ll be making use of as soon as it’s available.

As always, Google have created a handy little film showing off the main benefits.

Google Drive is not available to everyone yet and there’s no real idea of when it will be. You can register though to receive a notification when your drive is available. The bad news for iphone users though is that it’s not available on iOS yet but Google is promising it soon will be.

Written by Felice Ayling

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