Digital Marketing News – Facebook Timeline rollout is on its way.


For those who have yet to enter the wonderful world of the Facebook Timeline, the deadline to clean up your act is fast approaching. Facebook has announced it will be rolling out the new look profile page over the next few weeks, and once yours is in place you’ll have a week to filter out the content you don’t want displayed.

The update is causing quite a stir for a variety of different reasons. There is a fair amount of negativity about the new layout with many complaining it is messy and difficult to understand, preferring the more simple layout of the current profile page. Facebook has helpfully provided a short film telling us their thinking behind the recent change.

For others, they feel the information displayed in the timeline doesn’t appear to have any real synergy to it, with much of the highlighted portions appearing to be irrelevant next to other more important information about an individual.

But far outstripping that is concern around users ability to search back in time and theoretically find every post ever entered by the profile owner. In the past it would have been difficult to find anything past a certain post as it would disappear from view after time. This made sense as it most posts are a reflection of the here and now and hold no real relevance out of context.

Of course, most of us have posted something at some point that we’d rather not be reminded of, or related to an event or past relationship that we’ve all but wiped from our memories and do we really want those now popping up for the world to see? Probably not.

But having installed the timeline myself, and having checked out those of my friends who’ve already opted for it, I have yet to see anything that looks like it’s been dredged up from the dungeons of my Facebook past. In fact, everything is just as I remember it from my old profile.

Of course if I wanted to spend a few hours scrolling back through my history I can, but it only seems to point to the main events, such as moving jobs, or adding new friends. And because Facebook has linked my timeline with my school and college dates I now have timepoints logged from before Facebook even existed which I find quite a nice touch.

Of course this feature does play very nicely into our more voyeuristic tendencies and allows us to engage in a little light Facebook stalking which has been the basis of a few criticisms I’ve seen. But this is surely more to do with human benhaviour than Facebook’s decision to change its product.

I have to admit the new layout will take some getting used to but I’m not sure Facebook deserves the bashing it’s currently getting.

If you want to get Facebook Timeline before the rollout then visit the Introducing Timeline page and chose ‘Get timeline’

Written by Felice Ayling

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