Digital Marketing News – Why Facebook Timeline is Good for Your Business


Facebook Timeline for Business PreviewNow that timeline has been implemented for profiles, it was a natural step for Facebook to offer this layout for brands and it’s well worth checking it out especially if your page is reasonably active.

One of the immediate benefits is the ability to create a stronger brand presence more easily by using the main image at the top of your page. As your profile picture can remain as your logo, the additional space allows you to create a banner type image that can create an immediate visual impact to visitors.

Previously users had to click through the left hand menu to find out more about you, timeline allows for a short biography to appear underneath your image. And alongside this, you can display tabs and apps which direct the user to specific areas of content such as jobs or promotions.

One of the biggest issues with the existing layout is that posts are laid out chronologically based on the date they were posted, so if you want to draw visitors attention to an ongoing campaign you may end up having to re-post it to keep it near the top. The new layout allows brands to ‘star’ a post, which in effect anchors it to the left hand side of the page for 7 days while the remaining posts continue to appear in the right hand column.

There is also more control on content as admins can now view all notifications, posts and messages from one page and can interact with users on a one to one basis.

The changes aren’t all good though, there could be an impact on engagement levels now that some of the existing tools are no longer available. You can no longer display a different landing page for new users, everyone who visits your site will see the same timeline. This also means you can no longer direct users to a specific piece of content, promotion or game from a designated link. You can still request a ‘like’ in exchange for access to content but this may end up buried and the user will need to click through to access it.

Facebook is keen to ensure that brands are engaging positively with their audience and is putting more emphasis on quality engagement in order to meet its Edgerank criteria and so be promoted higher in news feeds.

It seems that asking more of brands while removing some of the tools they rely on could cause a few raised eyebrows, however at this stage Facebook isn’t forcing the new layout in the same way it did for profiles so brands can continue to use the existing page display.

For a full update and to check out how your brand might look with the new layout, visit the Facebook pages section.

Written by Felice Ayling

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