Digital Marketing News – Facebook Comments May Increase SEO


If you use Facebook Comments  on your site you should soon be seeing some benefit to your SEO. Google has updated its search and is now able to index comments left on websites using the Facebook Comments plug in.

This is quite a dramatic change for Google who was previously unable to return results containing comments left via social network plug-ins as they were rendered within an <iframe> making them invisible to search engines.

So while websites tried to make it easier for users to comment without having to create a new profile within their site, it meant they were losing out on any benefit the comments might bring to search ranking.

The search isn’t perfect though and results only show up if you search for a string of text that matches a comment posted. But it’s certainly a step closer for website owners who are working to balance getting the best from their SEO and providing a positive user experience.

However it may have some implications for users as it means Google now has access to information previously held behind privacy settings which means they can track and analyse your commenting habits. If you’re commenting publicly this may be fine with you, but when you consider your comment could potentially appear on the front page of Google this might impact what you say and how you say it.

It’s a nice step forward for Google and for Facebook that now has one less barrier to people using its comments feature. There isn’t much to report yet on the change but no doubt more discussion will be coming out as people start to see the effect in their result.

Editor: We’ll see how this pans out and how much of an impact they can have. We’ll do some testing on this and see what we can work out.


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