Digital Marketing Elearning Modules

Module Topics Level Description Id
The 10 Cs of Internet Marketin General Marketing Foundation
This course introduces the framework of the 10 Cs of Internet Marketing, concentrating on the first 6 Cs and how they can be used in practice.
Hosting a Podcast Content Marketing Foundation
Learn how and where to host your podcast, measure episode performance and audience engagement, grow your audience reach and monetise your content.
The Glue Project Social Media Foundation
This course introduces the principles of GLUE - a guide to building and managing online communities and the different life stages a community goes through.
Search Console Analytics & Data Intermediate
Google Search Console helps you manage and improve your website to maximise search rankings and the user experience. Walk through each of the core reports and what they mean to you.
Instagram Social Media Foundation
This course looks at how Instagram can be used for business exploring key success factors and analytics.
Keyword Planning for Google Ad PPC Intermediate

Effective keyword research can be the difference between success and failure for paid search campaigns. This module outlines some tested techniques for building effective keyword plans.

Google Ads Campaign Settings PPC Foundation

Do you fully understand the options available when setting up Google PPC campaigns? This module walks you though the setup of Google Ads campaigns and offers some tips to maximise campaign impact.

Creating Effective Google Ads PPC Intermediate

Pay Per Click ad copy can be the difference between campaign success and failure. Explore a step-by-step process to create successful ad copy maximising CTR and driving your campaign objectives.

Digital Trends January 2020 Tools & Trends Foundation

What are the major trends for digital marketing in 2020? In this course we’ll explore what you need to consider when planning you strategy for the year ahead.

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