Content Update


Just a quick update on the plans for this site and what you can expect to see in the near future….

Up until now the site has been heavily focused on delivering the Digital Marketing Podcast along with the occasional in depth written report. Both of these things will be carrying on, with a continued focus on practical advice, but we’ll also be adding some new types of content.

I’m currently producing a series of digital marketing videos to cover things like using digital marketing tools, SEO techniques, Social Media Scoring and so on. These will be published as quickly as I can produce them but you should expect to see a couple every month to start with.

I’m also going to be adding some shorter blog entries on key topics and some opinion pieces. On a day to day basis I’m training and carrying out digital marketing projects for companies large and small – This means I’m traveling a lot and getting the in depth pieces done takes time (without Ciaran’s help the podcast wouldn’t happen at all!). For this reason the shorter pieces will allow me to update you on whats new, what I’ve learned that may be useful to you, and to point out some tools that I’ve come across.

Another exciting additional will be some in depth online learning based content. This will take the form of audio and video presentations along with some online quizzes. We’ve invested in some great elearning software, HD video equipment, green screens and microphones so we can start to produce a real mix of content. I’m hoping you’re going to find it really useful.

I also want to try and improve the audio quality of the podcast, and its a real area of focus for Ciaran and I. We have great microphones but we’ve recorded in some very dubious environments, mainly leaving the audio sounding a little more echoey than we’re happy with. We now have a new recording environment that we can use for all recordings, so things should sound great.

The long term aim is to make the site a high quality and free digital marketing resource. Let us know what you think, and I’m always really happy to receive ideas for new content.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to those of you who leave your comments and feedback.


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