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Raven Tools Review

SEO/ Tools & Trends

This review was last updated in March 2019 and is part of the SEO tools comparison report. Introducing the tool The Raven SEO suite of tools* was originally designed for SEO’s (and by an SEO agency) but they now...

A marketer’s guide to good user experience (UX)

Blog Posts, Usability

Join us as we take an in-depth look at user experience – or UX for short. What is UX, what are its core principles, and how can those principles be applied to an app or website? Furthermore, how can marketers measure customer experience...

The Honeycomb Model for Social Media Strategy

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy/ Social Media

oin us as we explore the honeycomb’s meaning, its origins, and how you can use it in your marketing work.

Voice Search: A Marketers Guide

Blog Posts, General Marketing/ Tools & Trends

Learn what voice search is, how people are using it, and how you can optimise your content to maximise performance in voice search results.

How to Search Engine Optimise Your Writing in 2020

Blog Posts, SEO

A comprehensive guide to search engine-optimising your web content in 2019. Learn how to plan, produce and finetune your writing according to the latest search standards.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 210 - Discover Valuegraphics

Podcasts, Content Marketing/ Tools & Trends

Is age really a suitable way to segment our Audiences? Author David Allison shares with us Valuegraphics, an exciting new way to segment based on human values.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 209 - How To Create and Produce Great Video Content

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Ciaran talks to Matt Green,  Founder and Executive Producer at Evo Films, a Los Angeles based creative content studio. Learn what the essential creative ingredients for producing great video are.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 208 - How Secure Is Your Website?

Podcasts, General Marketing

We talk to Alycia Mitchell, Marketing Manager at Sucuri and explore how marketers should be rising to the ongoing challenge of keeping our websites and digital properties and data secure from unwanted intrusions and hacks.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 207-The State of Content Marketing 2019

Podcasts, Analytics & Data/ Digital Strategy

Daniel and Ciaran discuss the state of content marketing and the ever-changing relationship between content creators and search engine functionality. We also give Ciaran a few moments to explain why he is so rattled about recent video embed...

How to embed a YouTube video without showing related videos

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

Back in 2018  YouTube changed the way their embed codes work on third-party sites. It happened quite quietly, and without much announcement but its rather an important shift in how YouTube embeds behave so we thought we had better explore...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 206 Our Digital New Year Resolutions 2019

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Ciaran and Daniel are back to kick the new year off on the podcast with the exciting announcement about our new Digital Marketing Podcast Awards. We also share some new year resolutions, a great image optimisation tooling discuss with a few...
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