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7 Highlights From “Digital Branding” by Daniel Rowles

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

This March we celebrate the launch of the 2nd edition book by our CEO, Daniel Rowles: Digital Branding (second edition). With chapters on social, mobile, email, PPC, marketing automation and more, it’s a comprehensive guide to your...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 178 Google Analytics Reports You Should Probably Ignore

Podcasts, Analytics & Data

In this episode, we explore some of the commonly misunderstood analytics reports and metrics and how to avoid misinterpreting them. Is a high bounce rate always a bad thing? What can you effectively conclude with time on site and why is it...

A Human-Friendly Guide to Marketing Automation

Blog Posts, Tools & Trends

What is marketing automation, how is it done and, how can you use it to the benefit of your business? Furthermore, could it one day replace your whole marketing department? Join us as we discuss what marketing automation could mean for you...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 177 Single Customer View And How to Achieve It

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

Daniel and Ciaran explore the single customer view. What is it? How does it potentially work?  What benefits can it bring to your customer and your business in a progressively noisier content marketing space?

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 176 User Journey Mapping

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

Daniel talks us through the process of User Journey Mapping, a simple method to get us all thinking very hard about what content we need and where to place it within your content marketing strategy. We also share some free downloadable...

Which Is The Fastest Growing Social Media Network?

Blog Posts, Social Media

Every year in January and February there are a host of new stats released for social media platforms. Knowing which platforms are on the up and actively growing as well as which have fallen on harder times can be really important when it...

How Different Age Groups Are Using Social Media

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy/ Social Media

To market towards multiple demographics takes great powers of empathy – and a deep knowledge of how different types of people interact with the digital world. You need to know how different demographics use digital, and how they...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 175 How To Build An Online Community

Podcasts, Social Media

In this episode, we discuss how to build communities online. We explore how communities form, How do you get started from scratch? What techniques can you use to drive rapid growth? What platforms offer the best user experience? Where do...

Snapchat Open Up Their Marketing API


Today  ( 13th February 2018) Snapchat is opening its Marketing API to any developer, big or small, who’d like to access the platform. This gives access to developers around the world to build innovative solutions with our Marketing API...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 174 Effective Email Marketing in 2018

Podcasts, Email Marketing

Listen in and gather some ideas from Email Marketing Expert Philip Storey to supercharge your email Communications, for even more success in 2018. Don't miss our recommended email automation and integration tools and free resources with...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 173 - Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Podcasts, Social Media

We talk to Miri Qylafi from Fanbytes about Snapchat. We discuss where marketers go wrong and Miri shares what works well for an effective campaign on this youth focussed social media platform.
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