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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 185- How To Start Building Effective Adwords Campaigns

Podcasts, PPC

Learn how to go about planning and building an effective Adwords campaign using a process that is quick to do and gets excellent results.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 184 Social Media Process & Planning

Podcasts, Social Media

Daniel shares with us an effective way to approach social media to maximise the impact while minimising the amount of time you need to spend processing your social day to day tasks.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 183- Ten eCommerce Myths Part II

Podcasts, Ecommerce

We discuss the widely held belief that every e-commerce business can become an overnight success. We explore some mobile website conversion myths and discuss the strategy of shooting from the hip and not needing a plan. We also discuss how...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 182- Ten eCommerce Myths Part I

Podcasts, Ecommerce

Ciaran speaks to Jon Woodall, founder of Space 48, an award-winning eCommerce consultancy & Magento Solutions partner for forward-thinking retailers. We think you will find these myths both entertaining and just possibly a little close to...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 181- Digital Darwinism Interview With Tom Goodwin

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

Ciaran talks to author Tom Goodwin, about his new book Digital Darwinism. Digital Darwinism takes a deep dive into what business leaders can do to thrive in the modern age. Will you reject complacency and establish a new perspective on not...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 180- Creating Engaging Digital Advertising in 2018

Podcasts, Online Advertising

Ciaran speaks to Richard Jones, the CEO of digital marketing platform Wayin to discuss some of the challenges marketers face when trying to connect with consumers in the fragmented digital landscape of 2018.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 179- #NotesToStrangers- An Interview with Street Artist Andy Leek

Podcasts, Entrepreneurship

This week we have a much longer episode than usual. If you have ever travelled around central London, you may well have come across a unique brand of self-help street art created by artist Andy Leek and branded under the now famous...

Digital Growth Hacking Case Studies

Blog Posts, Case Study, Digital Strategy

What exactly is growth hacking? Since the term was coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010, marketers have used it to refer to a dizzying array of techniques, tools and ideas. Some have been genuinely innovative, whilst others have been...

7 Highlights From “Digital Branding” by Daniel Rowles

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

This March we celebrate the launch of the 2nd edition book by our CEO, Daniel Rowles: Digital Branding (second edition). With chapters on social, mobile, email, PPC, marketing automation and more, it’s a comprehensive guide to your...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 178 Google Analytics Reports You Should Probably Ignore

Podcasts, Analytics & Data

In this episode, we explore some of the commonly misunderstood analytics reports and metrics and how to avoid misinterpreting them. Is a high bounce rate always a bad thing? What can you effectively conclude with time on site and why is it...

A Human-Friendly Guide to Marketing Automation

Blog Posts, Tools & Trends

What is marketing automation, how is it done and, how can you use it to the benefit of your business? Furthermore, could it one day replace your whole marketing department? Join us as we discuss what marketing automation could mean for you...
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