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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 215-Celebrating 9 years of our Podcast

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

We are celebrating the ninth year of the digital marketing podcast. We take a look at a couple of news events in the news this week nine years ago and to celebrate with you all we invite you to try out a whole suite of useful tips and tools...

A marketer’s guide to TikTok

Blog Posts, Social Media

With over a billion downloads and counting, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social platforms ever. If you’re over the age of 21, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never even heard of it. Join us as we discuss what TikTok is,...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 214 - A Planning Masterclass with Peter Morville

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Peter Morville, Author of Planning for Everything, talks to us about more effective planning and how to achieve it. Discover what better planning might do for you, and your organisation.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 213 - Podcast Marketing Strategy

Podcasts, Content Marketing

To celebrate the launch of their latest book Podcast Marketing Strategy,Daniel and Ciaran explore some of the strategies that make podcasts such an effective content marketing vehicle for so many businesses. Listen in an discover what...

Link Research Tools Review

SEO/ Tools & Trends

This review was updated in April 2019 and  is part of the SEO tools comparison report. View the entire report here. Introducing the tool We’ve been using Link Research Tools for link building projects for many years, so it’s well...

Introduction to brand and trademark protection

Blog Posts, General Marketing

This article is intended to provide a useful introduction to Trademarks and brand protection so marketers can gain a better understanding of how it broadly works and is governed. Depending on your brand, countries of operation and...

Authoritas Review (Formerly Analytics SEO)

SEO/ Tools & Trends

This review is part of the SEO tools comparison report. View the entire report here. Introducing the tool Authoritas In summer 2018, Authoritas hit the digital marketing industry headlines when it acquired Linkdex, a key competitor in SEO...

Ecommerce conversion techniques

Blog Posts, Ecommerce

We explain some of the most successful conversion techniques in ecommerce. What does ecommerce conversion best practice look like, and which conversion-boosting trends are taking ecommerce by storm in 2020? Let’s find out.  What counts...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 212 - Personalized Marketing

Podcasts, Analytics & Data/ Content Marketing

Daniel makes a case for better marketing personalization. For many marketers personalization is a big focus for 2019, but where exactly should you where to start your personalization development journey?

Buzzstream Review

SEO/ Tools & Trends

This review was last updated in March 2019 and is part of the SEO tools comparison report. View the entire report here. Introducing the tool Unlike Raven Tools & Moz Analytics, BuzzStream is designed specifically to aid the link...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 211 - Larry Kim, Chat Marketing & MobileMonkey

Podcasts, Content Marketing/ Tools & Trends

Larry Kim explains why Chatbot Marketing will be the next big wave to rock the digital marketing world. Discover MobileMonkey, the tool he's built to help you catch that wave in this interview.
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