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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 13 – Viral Video Part II

Podcasts, Content Marketing

In part II we explore with Ed Robinson the creative aspect of Viral video creation, exploring the essential aesthetics and styles of online viral video, How viral video idea’s work for the audience, pivot moments, talking about Viral...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 12 – Viral Marketing Part I an interview with The Viral Factory.

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Ciaran talks with Ed Robinson, creative director at leading uk viral video agency The Viral Factory. In part I we explore some of the history of the Viral factory and their creations over the last 10 years. Ed gives us a great overview of...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 11 – Long Sales Pages and Other Dubious Techniques!

Podcasts, Content Marketing/ Digital Strategy

Long Sales Pages… Love them or hate them, they still dominate a big section of the online marketing sales arsenal across the web. The urban myth is that they particularly well in the US market. But do they? What do we think of them? Are...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 10 – PPC and Landing Page Optimisation

Podcasts, Analytics & Data/ PPC

Ciaran and Rob explore the science behind ppc campaign landing pages, landing page optimisation, embedding forms, how to make your cottage look more french, A/B testing.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 9 – Effective PPC Advertising

Podcasts, PPC

This week we are discussing PPC advertising, with an interview with Rob Steenbrink from Maxlead, a leading search engine marketing agency in the Netherlands. Rob walks us through the basics of PPC advertising showing us how to build an...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 8 - Tools to Improve Your Website

Podcasts, Tools & Trends/ Usability

Daniel and Ciaran share and explain some of the tools they both use to improve websites

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 7 - Facebook Marketing

Podcasts, Social Media

We take a fresh look at Facebook Pages and discuss some of the issues around digital marketing on Facebook, making use of the Facebook Like button, and how to avoid shouting and upsetting people in the kitchen at parties. Sounds a bit...

A Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management

Blog Posts, Reports, Digital Strategy/ Social Media

Online reputation management is a niche area of internet marketing, but one that is becoming increasingly important. Despite being a subset of social media marketing and search engine optimisation, both of which have a plethora of good...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 6 - Community Engagement and Online PR

Podcasts, Digital Strategy/ Social Media

We interview Dr Crispin Butteriss from Bang the Table in Australia,  a community engagement company who published 100 ideas to help engage your online community. We explore how releasing a free book has created a global PR buzz  and talk...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 5 - Google Instant

Podcasts, PPC/ SEO

Daniel Rowles, and Ciaran Rogers explore some of the issues impacting on digital marketing efforts as a result of Google's New Instant Search functionality.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 4 – The Findability Formula, Heather Lutze

Podcasts, PPC

Ciaran talks to US Author of 'The Findability Formula,' and digital marketing guru, Heather Lutze and gets her insight into successful strategies for getting the most from your Google Pay per click PPC advertising
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