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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 223-Revisiting 'The 4P's of the Marketing Mix'

Podcasts, Pricing Strategy

Ciaran talks to Mike Berry, an author, digital consultant, trainer and academic, about the famous "4P's of the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion."

Marketing industry codes of best practice

Blog Posts, General Marketing

we summarise and link to some of the most important codes of best practice for the marketing profession, including government laws and regulations, and best practice guidelines

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 222-Future Gazing with Matt Ward

Podcasts, Entrepreneurship/ Tools & Trends

We talk with Futurist and Angel Investor Matt Ward. Driverless cars, Augmented and Virtual reality. The future of e-commerce. Get Matt's answers to all this and more.

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) Review

SEO/ Tools & Trends

Updated September 2020. This review is part of the SEO tools comparison report. View the entire report here. Advanced Web Ranking Advanced Web Ranking is a true specialist tool. Like many of the best-optimised websites, it pretty much does...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 221- Exploring Instagram Influencers and Fake Social Influence Part 2

Podcasts, Social Media

In a follow up to our last episode on Fake social Metrics and engagement, Ciaran speaks to Anders Ankarlid from A Good Company, whose original research into Influencer marketing sparked our interest in effective Influencer marketing...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 220- Exploring Instagram Influencers and Fake Social Influence Part 1

Podcasts, Social Media

Is your influencer marketing programme being scammed by influencers gaming social algorithms with fake followers and fake interactions?

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 219- Improve Your Conversion Optimization Skills

Podcasts, Analytics & Data/ Usability

Discover how can you get the most out of the traffic you already have with effective Conversion optimization

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 218 - Heartificial Empathy with Minter Dial

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

We explore with Author Minter Dial, how Empathy is effectively used in the workplace and how important it is as the marketing world embraces artificial Intelligence.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 217-Exploring SEO Link Building Techniques

Podcasts, SEO/ Tools & Trends

We explore the slightly controversial subject of link building techniques and debate how useful they are in terms of adding value to what you do. Are your link building efforts adding value around the content you link from and to?

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 216 - Personal Voice Assistants

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Voice Assistants are already having a significant impact on how consumers are consuming digital content. Explore with us how that might change your marketing.

How to set SMART Marketing Objectives

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

What are SMART Marketing objectives, how do they apply to digital marketing activities, and how does SMART goal-setting fit into marketing strategy formulation? Join us as we explain one of the most useful frameworks in the business and...
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