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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 268 - Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

Podcasts, PPC

Adzooma share ways to improve your PPC performance. Get some non AI inspiration to power your PPC campaigns on multiple platforms in 2021.

What’s happening with third-party cookies in 2021?

Blog Posts, Analytics & Data/ Digital Strategy

Discover the latest plans to phase out third-party tracking cookies

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 267 - Email Marketing 2021 predictions

Podcasts, Email Marketing

Email Specialist, Philip Storey from Enchant Agency, shares his predictions for email marketing in 2021. We also explore pay to subscribe marketing emails.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 266 - Email Marketing in 2021

Podcasts, Email Marketing

Catch up on what's now on offer from the top email service providers for those looking to up their game on email marketing. Does your ESP still make the grade, or are they holding you back?

Using Canonical Tags for SEO – in 2021

Blog Posts, SEO

Google doesn’t much like duplicate content. O.K well in some cases it will accept and tolerate it, but overall it considers it more of a challenge. Why? It finds it hard to choose which page to index and doesn’t know which version to...

Using QR codes in marketing campaigns: the ultimate guide

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy/ General Marketing

There are numerous benefits to using quick response codes within your print, out of home and direct marketing. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the different types of QR codes, how you can create your own, and top tips to remember.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 265 -Understanding Click Fraud

Podcasts, PPC

Daniel and Ciaran explore the tricky issue of click fraud and how you can help to prevent it.

How to access a Meeting from your Oculus Quest

Blog Posts, Tools & Trends

Learn how to set up a free account and then access a meeting using your Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 264 -2021 Marketing New Year Resolutions

Podcasts, Marketing Strategy

Daniel and Ciaran are back for the new year and re-evaluating their focus and what is important this year, exploring effective email practice and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 263 - How To Achieve Insane Levels Of Social Sharing

Podcasts, Social Media/ Tools & Trends

we share a resource so powerful and useful we dare not actually share its name

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 262 - Conversion Rate Optimization Tools & Tips

Podcasts, Tools & Trends/ Usability

Daniel and Ciaran share some of their favourite conversion rate optimisation tools and resources.
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