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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 250 Driving Content Engagement With Video

Podcasts, Content Marketing

Video is fantastic for telling stories but what tools can you use to help you create video that helps to stand out on social channels? Daniel and Ciaran Investigate.

Financial services and digital transformation post-Covid

Blog Posts, Digital Marketing

Compared to other sectors such as marketing and media, the financial services sector has been relatively slow to digitally transform. There have been good reasons for this, from customers’ resistance to change in how their money is dealt...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 249- Ad World Guide to Effective Digital Ads

Podcasts, Social Media

North America's Leading Lead Gen Expert Anthony Sarandrea Shares How He Builds Ad Campaigns That Drive Qualified Leads At Scale. Listen In And Learn How It's Done.

Better Social Engagement Using Video

Blog Posts, Social Media

Recently we have been experimenting with how to drive better engagement with our social media marketing. As well as experimenting with multiple text posts on social platforms we have also been seeing what difference the visual assets...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 248- Content Marketing Engagement Strategy

Podcasts, Digital Strategy/ Social Media

Ciaran and Daniel explore how to drive greater engagement with our marketing by using power words, emotion, custom video, and running social ads.

Complete Guide to Twitter Cards

Blog Posts, Social Media

Twitter Cards provide an effective, efficient way to create optimised multimedia tweets. In this guide, we explain what Twitter Cards are and how marketers can use them. We’ll also cover the different types of Twitter Cards, and tell you...

Transmedia Storytelling in 2021

Blog Posts, Content Marketing

What is Transmedia Storytelling? Transmedia storytelling is the practice of telling stories across multiple media platforms, where each medium makes a unique contribution to the story world. Any combination of...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 247- The Strategy Manual

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

What does effective strategy look like? Expert and Author Mike Baxter Explores practical steps all of us can take to align ourselves with better strategies.

Complete guide to the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

Blog Posts, CIM Qualification

This guide covers everything prospective students need to know about the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing, which is available for online study via Target Internet. Contents: What is the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in...

How to Get Google Analytics Certification (& 5 Free Resources)

Blog Posts, Analytics & Data

Whether you’re looking to gain new digital analytics skills or to prove your ability to prospective clients, gaining Google Analytics certification is well worth your while. Here’s how to get certified: Step 1: Sign up to Google...

SEO Tools Comparison: Raven Tools, Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs,BuzzStream & More

Reports, SEO/ Tools & Trends

Update April 2021 -  We've updated and tweaked 4 of the reviews, with full updates coming again in June.  Whether you’re an agency, in-house or DIY SEO having the right tools for the job can make your life easier and your...
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