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How to conduct a PESTEL analysis

Blog Posts, Digital Strategy

What is PESTEL Analysis and how do Digital Marketers use it? PESTEL or PESTLE is a simple acronym framework for assessing the key features of a business’ environment. The PESTEL Framework is designed to help us to identify business...

Study Your CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma Online with Target Internet

Blog Posts, General Marketing

Find out how you can study online for the CIM Level 6 Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing , with Target Internet. We’re delighted to announce that Target Internet is a fully accredited Online Study Centre for the CIM Level 6 Digital...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 194- Competitor Benchmarking Tools- How do you stack up?

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Daniel and Ciaran take an in-depth look at all their favourite online tools to help you with any competitor benchmarking you might need to conduct for your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing podcast episode 193- Get Social, An interview with Author Michelle Carvill


Ciaran talks to Michelle Carvill acclaimed author and founder of digital marketing and social media agency Carvill Creative. We explore Michelle's research for her recently published book "Get Social- Social Media Strategy & Tactics for...

Social Media Success Metrics Checklist

Blog Posts, Social Media

How well are your social media campaigns performing? How much revenue are they driving? Are they engaging the right kinds of customer? The only way to reliably answer questions like these is through social media measurement – the use of...

New Research Highlights Serious Gaps in Business Marketing Knowledge

Blog Posts, News, Tools & Trends

Which skills do digital marketers know best? Which industry is best with data and analytics? And does the intern really know their way around Facebook better than the boss? We’ve got the answers in our inaugural Digital Marketing Skills...

What is Dark Social?

Blog Posts, Social Media

What is dark social, how can we measure it, and what does it mean for your marketing strategy? Join us as we explore one of the trickiest – and most important – topics facing digital marketers today. The silent majority of social...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 192- Mastering Stakeholder Management

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

Daniel shares with us his own approach to stakeholder management with some simple easy to follow guidance on how to go about managing the whole process. Learn how you can put more energy into your projects and less time debating them with...

Recent Trends and Developments in Digital

Blog Posts, Tools & Trends

Take a strategic look at some of the recent trends and changes in the digital space over the last few months with our roundup of recent trends and developments. How should you adapt to the rise of voice search, what are the social media...

The Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 191-Benchmarking and improving your digital marketing skills

Podcasts, Digital Strategy

Daniel shares some of the insights the 2018 Digital Marketing Skills Benchmark Report has given on the state of marketing knowledge within the industry, sharing with us 8 key insights the data provided. We also announce the launch of our...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 190 - 2018 YouTube Video Search Optimisation Guide for Content Marketers

Podcasts, SEO

We explore what makes for an effective YouTube video, how to make good use of video tags and video titles and how to leverage on trending topics. We also explore which metrics matter to YouTube algorithm. Packed full of examples and...
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