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Best Practice Guidelines on Working with Instagram Influencers

Blog Posts, Social Media

In a recent episode of The Digital Marketing Podcast, ethical entrepreneur Anders Ankarlid told Target Internet about his investigation into the inflation of influencers’ engagement metrics. Ankarlid learnt that the $744mn of spend on...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 233 - Website User Testing

Podcasts, Usability

Learn how to run user / usability testing on your website. Trainer and author Daniel Rowles walks us through how it is done and the benefits and growth it drives.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 232- QR Code Marketing in 2020

Podcasts, General Marketing

We speak to Nils Engelking from QR code specialists who shares what's now possible for marketers wanting o make use of the QR code format.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 231 - What Are SEO Fraggles?

Podcasts, SEO

We talk influential blogger and international SEO speaker Cindy Krum from MobileMoxie about her perspective on how Google is taking steps to better organise and understand the world's information.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 230 - Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

We explore important Digital Marketing Trends for 2020. Under discussion: Social Commerce Posts, Embracing Influencers, SEO changes, Community and much more.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 229 - Is Social Still Social?

Podcasts, Social Media

We speak to Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, about Google's Walled Garden and how social Social Media still is.

Magento 1.x End of Life: What are the Alternatives?

Blog Posts, Ecommerce

What’s going on with the Magento 1.x End of Life, and how should online businesses manage the change? In this guide, we look at the best solutions to deal with this issue, including migration to Magento Commerce 2, moving to an...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 228 - Discover SparkToro

Podcasts, Communications/ Tools & Trends

We speak to Rand Fishkin and Casey Henry, the founders SparkToro. SparkToro is an exciting new influence search engine which enables marketers to search for genuine areas of influence online. If you would like actionable intelligence on...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 227 - The State of Digital Skills and Education

Podcasts, Digital Marketing

Daniel talks us through what he feels is at the root of the current digital marketing skills gap in marketing

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 226 BIMA Conference Highlights

Podcasts, Digital Marketing/ Entrepreneurship

We speak to some movers and shakers in the interactive world, including Microsoft's CEO Cindy Rose, Sky VR's Richard Nockles & Extinction Rebellion.

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram - A Complete Guide

Blog Posts, Social Media

Read our In-depth Guide To Using Hashtags More Effectively On Instagram
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