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Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 289 Marketing Planning for 2022

Podcasts, Marketing

Daniel and Ciaran are back to kick off 2022 with a fresh look at planning and priorities. Under discussion are SMART objectives and NFT's for marketing.

Tips and Tools For Creating Marketing Personas

Blog Posts, Marketing Strategy/ Tools & Trends

This guide will take you through some tips and tools that will help you create effective personas, from persona templates to a facial image generator.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 288 Marketing Skills Benchmark 2022

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Daniel walks us through what Target Internet's Digital Skills Benchmark tells us about the state of digital marketing at year-end 2021.

What Happened To Twitter Fleets?

Blog Posts, Social Media

Twitter Fleets - I think we can all agree they didn't last long. In this blog, we will explore what Twitter Fleets were, why exactly Twitter decided to remove them and the growth and potential of Twitter Spaces.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 287 Audience Insight Tools

Podcasts, Tools & Trends

Daniel and Ciaran explore must-have tools for better marketing audience intelligence.

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 286 Is Social Media Toxic?

Podcasts, Social Media

Daniel and Ciaran discuss ‘Is Social Media Toxic?” exploring different angles to the debate. For those who decide it is, what could or should be done about it?

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 285 Culture Ate My Brand

Podcasts, Brand Management

We speak to Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn, authors of “Culture Built My Brand” and learn how to better quantify, measure and build awesome and inspiring company culture that drives outstanding results.

Better than Zoom: the top video conferencing tools in 2021

Blog Posts, Communications

As millions worked from home during 2020, Zoom seemed destined to secure a lasting position as the go-to video conferencing tool for business and social calls. But by early 2021, the tool had seen its daily average users (DAUs) fall across...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 284 Evergreen Content

Podcasts, Content Marketing/ SEO

Daniel and Ciaran take a deep dive into the ongoing issues around creating great evergreen content that works.

What is Cold Email? (And is it GDPR Compliant?)

Blog Posts, Email Marketing

Depending on who you ask, cold email is either a personal and persuasive sales tool, or it’s a spammy tactic that should be consigned to the Trash folder of email history. In our opinion, both viewpoints can be true: it depends on how the...

Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 283 Email Attraction

Podcasts, Email Marketing

International marketing, branding & writing consultant Kim Arnold gives us a masterclass in writing better personal email.
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