Digital Marketing News – BlackBerry Launches New OS


Research in Motion (RIM) announced its new operating system, BBX, at its annual developers conference on Tuesday. The new system will pull together existing BlackBerry elements with the best bits of its QNX system which it acquired last year through the purchase of QNX Software Systems.

The new operating system will be rolled out to all of BB’s devices including smartphones, tablets and built in systems. RIM believes BBX will offer a more consumer friendly platform while incorporating the reliability and security features it needs to keep its customers coming back.

Unfortunately for BlackBerry, timing wasn’t exactly perfect for this announcement and what should have been an exciting moment in the spotlight was overshadowed by the recent outage problems.

RIM’s co-CEO spoke briefly about the recent problems during the announcement and assured customers that it had done everything it could to restore service as quickly as possible. It seems though that their efforts were too little too late as almost every review of BB’s new operating system is peppered with comments about the service issues.

From a PR perspective, boasting about the reliability of your software when customers are still suffering the effects of a massive loss of service is a huge no-no. Not to mention the fact that any claims of your products around their reliability is going to be taken with a very large pinch of salt.

In terms of development though, the new OS does appear to offer a much more supportive and exciting environment for developers. However with the decision that BBX will not support traditional Java applications, this will more likely benefit Android developers than existing BlackBerry developers, who now face the prospect of having to learn a completely new development environment.

While this move seems to offer a more consumer friendly platform and the opportunity to begin competing with the likes of iPhone and Android, BB hasn’t forgotten its core client base. It’s security levels still means that devices running on its OS can get government clearances and are more easily adopted in highly regulated organisations. Which is why BlackBerry is still the device of choice in the NHS and central government institutions where data security is critical.

There is no news yet of an actual date for release but there’s talk of a beta version already available for tablet. It looks like there are some promising changes for customers but BB are leaving a few casualties in its wake.

Getting some useful and genuine feedback on BBX may take a while, once the dust settles and we all stop being quite so cynical about anything RIM claims to be reliable.

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