Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 52 – 11 top tools for red wine loving digital marketers


Daniel and Ciaran bring you a whole new bunch of great digital marketing tools for you to get all creative with well into 2012.  🙂

A low-cost UK mobile company run on the O2 network. Save lots on your call and data plans, with no need for contracts. They offer sim only deals, dongle and tablet data plans and you can get a micro sim for your ipad as well.

Social Media Profile tool’s nice, simple and free social media profile ( No longer active(
Host live online video events in seconds with this free service that has a number of really premium features plus a whole host of ways for your audience to get involved.
Live video broadcasts to your blog or Facebook page direct and chat with your viewers live

Google hotel finder
Search for accommodation just where you want it.

Google Bookstore
Just in time for all your pre and post Christmas ebook buying.

Google Think Insights
The daddy of all online marketing research tools is now out of beta. This is a lot more that Google insights research tool, its a whole library of amazing tools and you should check it out!

YouTube trends dashboard
Browse and compare live YouTube trends based on the demographics who interest you.

What do You love?
Google’s way to find related stuff you love.

Watch this space ( No longer active)
A shed load of research and tools for digital advertising campaigns

Wine away
The perfect solution to white carpets, clumsy wine guzzlers and the festive season!

If you have any tools or resources you would like us to feature, please get in touch, or leave a comment.

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