Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 28 – Google Analytics 101

Daniel and Ciaran kick off a new ongoing 101 learning series with a 101 introduction to website analytics. Learn how best to utilize your analytics package to advance your online marketing. Covering:- Page Tagging/ Log files, Keyword reports, Bounce Rates, Time on site, Advanced Segments, Event Tracking, Home Page Corporate Warfare Tactics, Benchmarking, Intelligence, In Page analytics, Google Conversion University, Web Analytics 2.0s, and Goals.


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  1. Well done guys!

    Really enjoying this topic, I’m a great fan of using analytics, messing and digging about with the data.

    Just wondering what’s your opinion on Google’s Website Optimiser? I only ask as some tasks are easily achievable in Analytics and I’ve just stumbled on it a month ago. I like the multi-variant feature..


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